Jo & Gem portfolio

We created a social platform for cake makers Victoria Yum to #makelondonsweeter one slice at a time. We gave away complimentary cake with complimentary cards illustrated by Lydia Rae. We also created a series of tactical posts to celebrate World Peace Day, Valentine’s Day, Wimbledon and London Pride.

Since July 2017 when we launched the platform, Victoria Yum has gone from 3,152 Instagram followers to 22.4K followers and counting and we like to think we've definitely made London a little sweeter.

Complimentary cards

Every card was illustrated with a compliment and entitled the bearer to collect a complimentary cake from Netil Market. 

They were also given away with cakes to make people smile and act as a sweet business card.

London Pride

Pride was a perfect opportunity to make London sweeter. Rainbow cakes galore, glitter and the best part...10% off all profits were donated to London LGBTpride.


When you love London as much as Victoria Yum, it's only right that you make her your valentine.

Clues were posted on social media to find the cards around London. The lucky crush could then get love and free cake from Netil Market. 

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