Jo & Gem portfolio


After overhearing a phone call we spotted a proactive opportunity. AXA needed a fundraising campaign to launch their sponsorship of Stand Up To Cancer and loads of idents for the night. The catch!? AXA staff needed to feature in the campaign...

We needed something that felt punchy, didn't require any acting from the staff, could serve as a fund raising mechanic and fit easily into a 5" or 15" ident.

When someone pops a balloon there is a period of nervous anticipation usually followed by laughter.

For the idents we would capture the natural human reaction of celebrities and members of the public using high-definition, slow-motion footage.

We would set up slow motion video booths, where people and groups of friends could donate £1 to make a dedication and pop a balloon. The videos would be instantly uploaded online and could be shared on their social media. We could even use some of the best ones in our idents.

People would be able to donate and virtually pop a balloon online - they could also place balloons on their friends walls and challenge them to do the same.

We would take over an enormous interactive billboard in a key location in London. The screen will be filled with balloons, allowing shoppers to use an AXA popper app to pop the balloons on the billboard and upload a dedication to be displayed on the screen. 

As we launched head first into production, Cancer Research revealed they were about to launch a brand new identity using none other than balloons and the campaign was pulled, well and truly bursting our balloon. 

The agency still went on to create the idents, so luckily our proactive work wasn't in vain. 

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