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We were briefed to amplify a brand ad starring Sir Chris Hoy as a cyborg built by Nissan… obviously. They asked for a few banners and maybe a couple of social posts, but we decided to bring Hoybot to life with an interactive graphic novel instead... obviously. No wonder our mums still don’t get what we do for a living.

The graphic novel was launched alongside the cinema ad before Star Wars: The Force Awakens and was pushed to the phones of cinema-goers during the trailers. We then targeted sci-fi and comic book fans on social media.

It’s not every day you’re on a conference call with Sir Chris Hoy explaining that he’s going to be defeating a gang of cybernetically enhanced cyber criminals.  

This is how it worked:

Teaser results showed an average engagement time of 1 minute 34 seconds per session with a 25% return rate and a 1.68% bounce rate.

This generated an extra £70k in out of scope work for the agency and was a first for the client.

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